Kentaro Yoshioka,
President and COO

In August 2015, Amaya celebrated its 40th Anniversary. All of us here woold like to thonk our customers, suppliers and those who concerns.

Since Amaya CO., LTD. developed and sold horizontal batch APCVD systems in 1970s, Amaya has developed APCVD business as core business. APCVD systems are widely used as deposition systems in semiconductor industry which has its original rapid business up and down cycles that change so fast. In such business field, Amaya overcame such business cycles by developing and improving systems with our challenge spirit and by customers' support. Recently Amaya has released solar cell high volume production systems as a new challenge.
Amaya continue to contribute to social development by our daily challenges to enhance customers' products quality and value, to improve efficiency, usefulness and cost requirement of customers' production and R&D lines, to apply new business field and to provide excellent services to customers.