Amaya provide excellent repair service and technology support to customers with confidence by our experienced field service engineers.

Repair and technology support

Repair and technical support is availale.

  1. On Call Service
  2. Repair, maintenance at customer site or our fab
  3. Performance enhancement for existing systems customer uses
  4. Consumable and replacement parts sales


  1. A system at customer site have an issue
  2. Parts and unit movement test as periodical maintenance
  3. System performance enhancement
    -Throughput enhancement
    -Energy savings of electricity or gases
    -Overhauls, like parts disassemble, cleaning and assemble
    -Wafer size change (e.g. 200mm→150mm)
    -Factory automation
  4. Parts replacement proposals for discontinued parts by parts manufacturer

Replacement proposals for discontinued parts.

When some of parts for our APCVD systems are discontinued, Amaya timely inform the customer using our APCVD systems.

Systems for discontinued parts replacement proposal

■APCVD systems

  • AMAX1200
  • AMAX800、AMAX800V
  • AMAX200
  • A200、A200V
  • A6300S
  • AMAX1000S
  • D501
  • AEC series

■Photomask Cleaner

  • Spin Type Photomask Cleaner
  • Dip Type Photomask Cleaner


  • Water Transfer Machine
  • MGV / PGV
Please contact us by filling "Request for repair" format or contact us immdiately in case of emergency.
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APCVD systems

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Photomask Cleaner

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